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Deposits, Excess and Cover

Normally, the car hire company will not require a deposit if you rent the car with full insurance directly with the supplier ('SCDW' option).

But, if you ask the car without full insurance (Parcial Insurance), with deposit/excess, it will be returned after the rental, as long as all conditions have been met. 

There is 3 options:

- 'CDW': The Collision Damage Waiver exist If the car’s bodywork gets damaged during your rental, the most you’ll pay towards repairs covered by the policy is the damage excess of 400€ (Group A, B, B+, C, C+,D), 800€ (Group D+,E) and 1600€ (Group F). 

'ER-CDW': The 'excess reduction' supplement allows to reduce the responsibility for the excess to the amount of 200€ (Group A, B, B+, C, C+,D), 400€ (Group D+,E) and 800€ (Group F). 

- 'SCDW': This supplement, eliminates liability for damage  on bodywork, glass, rims, tyre (only punctures). The insurance is taken directly with the rental company.
Advantages of direct insurance: You do not need to contact insurance companies or third parties websites to return the money charged by rental companies (Ex: insurance on the credit card or insurance with operators/agencies). No paperwork to deal with!

However, our protection 'SCDW' does not cover:

-Keys and documents of the car in case of loss;


-Smoke damage (interior)

-Beats underneath (driving on unsuitable roads)

-Chipped tyre (Sidewall)

-Negligence (ex: driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs). It can also incur a fee, if the client forget to turn off the headlights of the car (Light on / Jumper Cables From Office).

No extra cost:

-Airport Surcharge 

-Emergency Roadside Assistance

-Road Fee / Road Licensing Fee

-Mileage / Kilometres (Unlimited)

-Fuel Policy (Return as pick up)

-1 Additional Driver included

Not Included in the Rental Price

- Local Charges - You are responsible for any charges and fines, speeding tickets and parking or traffic fines. If you’ve incurred any charges, such as speeding tickets or parking/traffic fines, the car hire company will try to contact you when the authorities ask them who was driving. This could be months after your rental – and you’ll have to pay the company’s administration fee as well as the original charge. Check extra fees HERE!

- Other Local Fees - out of area service, outside Funchal and outside Santa Cruz/Airport. Check extra fees HERE!


- Cleaning Fee

The car hire company will charge you if the car needs more than a reasonable amount of cleaning after your rental.

What do you need at pick up?

Acceptable forms of payment

You are not required to have a Credit Card to rent a car. We accept cash payment and cash deposit ('Excess reduction' supplement). If you rent the car with full insurance (SCDW), no deposit is required.

Accepted Credit Cards

American Express



Licence Requirements

When picking the car up, the main driver and any additional drivers will need to provide a full driving licence in their name.

All drivers must have held their driving licence for at 5 years.

Forms of Identification

A Passport/ID is required.

Age Requirements

Minimum age is 23 and maximum age 65.


Arrival Details

Flight Details – If you are arriving by plane, you should inform us the flight number so we can meet (ideally, at least 3 days before you pick your car up). Please make sure you enter your flight number and not any other number the airline may have sent you, such as a confirmation number. We cannot be held responsible if a problem with your flight stops you picking up your car. You may decide to get in touch with your airline to ask about compensation. 

Flight Diverted

Given that sometimes there are some climatic problems to land at the airport of Madeira, we can deliver the car at funchal / Marina. If your flight is diverted to another island (Porto Santo) and you come by ship from Porto Santo to Funchal, you should inform us by email / call / sms. No fee will be charged for this service.

Fuel Policy

Return as pick up;

Extra Services


If you require the car to be available outside of normal office hours (only at the airport / with flight number / pick-up), the car hire company will arrange for a member of staff to be available. 

Outside Office Hours

Prior notification is required for this service and it can incur a fee to cover additional man hours. Check extra fees HERE!

Extra Equipment - under requested!


Baby seat

Booster seats

Check extra fees HERE!


Important Information

Clients must communicate all accidents and demand the presence of the police authorities even if there is a friendly statement.

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